A Bit About Me

Hello there. My name is Martin. I create music-related videos (stream videos, lyric videos, visualettes) and audio production. For a very long time my biggest passion has been music. Over time this passion has demonstrated itself in various ways.

When I was starting out, I was helping my friends with most of graphic design tasks which later evolved into making videos for my friends' bands. I have been creating video visuals for over 5 years now and I was fortunate enough to work alongside some talented musicians.

Beside making motion videos I work on project as an audio engineer / producer / songwriter. My mission is to help shape your ideas into full sounding production and song. My biggest project so far was writing, recording, co-producing (w/ Vojta Pacesny) Doombound  - EP of my band
Abyss Above .

All my project managment skills were tested at that time and we realized how to properly prepare a release so that it will get a proper momentum and gets us further in our career. In September 2019, we have reached 12k monthly listeners and we got into official Deathcore playlist on Spotify. Since the EP's release we have gathered over 100K streams.

I can't say that I have extensive experience, but I can tell you that I have a great passion for everything that I do. I am working on my skills and  knowledge every day and I will happily share those with you when we will work together on your music project, so don't hesitate to contact me now!